Sunday, 19 January 2014

*Stolen* from Modly Chic - Taking Stock

Making: a start on my Uni readings for Semester 1
Cooking: nothing, Sheldon is the chef
Drinking: green tea
Reading: 2 bios, 1 on John Hawkyns, Elizabeth 1's slave trader, and another on Mary Boleyn, as well as a text on public policy
Wanting: a new pair of dress pants, and a pair of boots
Looking: into where to go when we get out of here
Playing: Jewel Quest Solitaire
Wasting: time, on here, and on JQ
Wishing: I still had my dog
Enjoying: the peace and quiet
Waiting: for the sun to come out
Liking: Facebook chat
Wondering: if we'll catch a lucky break this week
Loving: sarongs
Hoping: that all goes according to plan this week
Marveling: at thow fast time flies
Needing: not much of anything at the moment
Smelling: roses and honeysuckle I picked from the garden
Wearing: old sweats, gardening and housework to be done.  Also motorhome repairs.
Following: the cricket - 3rd ODI today
Noticing: the amount of *stuff* Sheldon has in his wardrobe, which has to be sorted
Knowing: I am going to miss my family when we get going
Thinking: that I should get back to doing actual work, rather than skiting off on the blog
Feeling: excited about school, and getting on the road at last
Bookmarking: sites for school
Opening: way too many tabs on Firefox
Giggling: the things Sheldon's gamer mates say on chat (it's audio, and he doesn't have headphones on)

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