Friday, 31 January 2014

It's all Katy Rose's fault, and an addition to the *need to buy* list

I follow quite a few blogs, some I have been reading for years, and others are quite new.  The mainstay of my blog roll seems to be style blogs, I love seeing how other people style their clothes.  Many of them are by people with styles that, in 2 million years, I could never pull off, but I have found one whose author wears clothes that I not only envy her having the flair to pull off, but I actually want.

That would be Katy Rose, of Modly Chic.  Damn but she has a fine wardrobe, although she can keep the weather she is shooting it in at present.

The other day, she posted about how versatile a basic dress can be, and damn, now I need a flowy basic dress!  I'd actually take the one in her post in every colour if I was rich, but if I had to choose 1, I'd go the black.

I already have 1 basic dress (the grey structured on I paid $4 for - must take a picture), but I think I need a flowier one too.......... no, I do need a flowier one.  And when Sheldon appears confused by the need for 2 basic dresses, I will refer him to Katy Rose.  Excellent deal.  For me anyway..........

Now, onto the more boring business of a need.  I need new walking shoes - as in 5 minutes ago.  My current pair are now unwearable (they have been dying since winter), but I haven't found an acceptable replacement as yet.  The dead shoes are Rivers' Airforce Rockers, a cheaper version of the Masai walkers, which are brilliant for me, as they keep the pressure off my big toes (issues with the bone in the right one causes agony).  Problem is, Rivers have gone out of them, Payless have closed (they had similar) and I can't find the Skechers version anywhere here.

I cannot justify the price of Masai shoes, even if they are good for my feet, they are just too damn much money.  I may yet bite the bullet, and buy a cheap pair of sneakers that don't kill my toe too much and then grab a pair of Skechers when we hit Melbourne.

Now that's a plan - sneakers, a flowy basic dress and possibly some more flats (Dotti had 3 pairs for $30 last trip - no such thing as too many backups when you kill shoes like I do) when we hit Melbourne.  Oh, and my Maui Jims, and maybe my boots.  I can't believe I am actually looking forward to a shopping trip!

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