Saturday, 25 January 2014

And having said that..........

I spent money.  Not a lot of money, and it was on things I need, but still.........

I haven't had times to take pictures yet, because we have been moving from Dodge to Tombstone.  But I will add them to this post, as soon as I get sorted here.  Being the Australia Day long weekend, I have plans to relax, so probably not til next week.

Anyhoo, the grand total was $8.50 for 2 dresses.  1 is reminiscent of the sailor dresses of the 70's, only with added cleavage.  I suspect it is made of silk, but I can't be sure, all tags have been removed.  It is almost certainly of an older vintage, and I am super-pleased it fit - I loved the look of it on the rack, fell head over heels with the fabric, but was worried it would look dicky once on.  It didn't, although I am not in love with the sleeves; they are a bit too - flouncy for my normal taste, but everything else about it overruled that minor issue.  Plus Sheldon liked it, so that helped.  It's not something for going to buy groceries, but it will see lots of wear.

The other is a grey, fitted sheath dress, mid-calf length (the other stops just above my knees), from, of all places, Rockmans!  It is almost certainly an out-of-town import, as Rockmans here has nothing this classy (it's all skank or granny), or of this quality fabric.  It fits very nicely, but has enough room underneath for me to wear long-sleeved tops underneath in cooler weather.  Myself, Sheldon and the lady in the shop all thought it looked good, so I got it.

The thing of it is, I got these in a tiny, grotty looking little op shop, the bigger, lighter (and cleaner-looking) one over the road had nothing, except a pair of shorts for $6 (Yeltour), and a top (Supre) for $9 that caught my eye at all - one was an interesting fabric, the other a nice colour.  I thought them overpriced (especially the Supre) so I walked out.

These dresses were necessary purchases; apart from my sarongs, I have no dresses, and sarong dresses are not appropriate for every occassion (I'd never wear one to lunch with my in-laws, even though they are super-laidback).  The silk one is a more 'dressy' dress (lunch-appropriate), and the other one is of a style and colour I could wear anywhere.  Including job interviews/grad programs if I ever get motivated in that direction.

Feeling very pleased with myself............

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  1. You did very well picking up two dresses for that price! They both sound lovely.