Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My 2014 Purchase Wishlist

Now, I live a pretty minimalist lifestyle - purchase-wise.  I buy only what I actually need, and usually the cheapest I can find.  Or rather, the cheapest reasonably quality/fit I can find.

That being said, I have plans for 3 big splurges this year.  Two of them are replacement items, for things that are cactus; the other is a want, pure and simple.  But, it's been a want for over a decade, so I think I can allow myself to acquire it.  That would be these:

I love, love the pretty colours here - in the packaging and the beads.  These have been a whishlist item for myself and my friend GlossQueen for several years, so we feel we are both justified in acquiring them this year, although we have both set ourselves very specific life goals before we will allow ourselves to get them.  Now we will move onto the replacement items, which I will not only dream about, but buy.

Replacement 1 - sunglasses.
I wear sunglasses year-round.  No matter the season, or the weather, I have sunglasses on.  I have done for the past - let's say couple of decades (closer to 3, but anyway) ....  For the same period of time, I have paid no more than $20 per pair, and replaced them only when they are truly past it (arm busted off, lens cracked).  And for at least 15 of those years, I have been promising myself that once all 3 boys left home, I was buying myself a pair of Maui Jims.  3 years since the last one jumped ship, and it is time, not least because the ones I am using have cracked frames on 1 side, and the lens on the other tends to pop out at odd moments.  I have the ones I want picked out, Sandy Beach, with the bronze lens and tortoiseshell frames.  A mighty AUD$208 - Sheldon agrees these are a worthwhile purchase (too bad if he didn't: I NEED sunglasses, and I have promised myself a good pair for a long time).  I may get them here.

Replacement 2 - boots.
7 years ago, I bought myself a AUD$200 pair of Homyped boots, 3 inch heels.  I wore them 5 days out of 7 through the first 4 winters, including to some loooooong nights of bar work.  They then retired to 'out of the house' days, as I headed into my degree, which I studied mostly online.  6 months ago, I wore them for a day, and spent 4 in agony; my feet, ankles, knees, hips and back screamed 24/7, painkillers or no.  I nursed my sore body parts through to the end of the yuck weather with careful footwear selections, and then retired the boots to the charity shop.  Cost per wear came out to no more than 5 cents, when spread over the 7 years.  So a worthwhile purchase.

In light of my (apparently rapidly) advancing age, I now need to wear flat shoes.  Even boots.  So that is my 2nd replacement, a pair of boots.  Not the ones here, but similar.  They MUST be/have the following:
  • Leather;
  • Black;
  • Knee high;
  • Rubber-type, flexible soles;
  • Flat, or with a .5" heel maximum;
  • Almond or round toed.
And the toe of the boot must be where my toes are - I cannot walk in shoes with the toes 2 inches from my actual toes. Surely not too much to ask, right?  I quite like these.

I will also be acquiring a non-replacement, non luxury item; the Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System, which is a cheaper version of the Clarisonic.  As my skin ages, it needs more specific care, and from all reports, these kinds of things (most people I know have the Clarisonic, but the saving I can make will buy me 1 boot, or 1 side of my sunglasses, or .5 of my Meteorites) are brilliant.  Sheldon is happy for me to get the Clarisonic (it comes in pretty colours), but I am stingy, so will get the Olay.  To see what the buzz is about, go here.

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  1. We will get our Meteorites this year! It's going to happen, at last!